Welcome to Southern Sudan

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Zimmer What shall I say - I gave up my nice and convenient job in Istanbul to join the humanitarian crowd in Southern Sudan. From a 200 sqm apartment in Turkey to 6 sqm in the middle of nowhere.
 Weißer Nil But the river Nile sent out its tempting vibes and here we are - the White Nile in Juba.
 DDG Compound Danish Demining Group in Juba - my home for 3 weeks.
 DDG Compound a Another picture of DDG compound Juba.
 Tusker But if there is beer there will be hope! 

Danish Demining Group - second deployment.


The picture shows an exploder - part of the standard equipment for mine action teams. The device is called after Ludwig van Beethoven - who liked it loud!!

 Bulle Juba A visit to the livestock market in Juba gave me some insight to the way of life of nomadic people. Just look at the horns of this bull.
 chips The last lunch with Ylvi before departure to Southern Sudan. Looking forward to doing the same immediately after my return.
 Cylinder Head The compound of DDG is depending on two generators for electric power supply. One broke down due to a faulty cylinder head gasket.
 Horses This South African couple is crossing Africa on horse back - from Tunisia to Capetown. 26 days on a barge from Karthoum to Juba had a negative affect on the animals. The port of Juba provides sufficient space in order to move the horses.
 HQ Another picture of the DDG compound in Juba.
 LCs Two new Landcruisers arrived at customs office in Juba town.
 Port of Juba Barges in Juba Port.
 Show me the way Show me the way to the next decent bar!
 VAMP VAMP - vegetables and meat products - this shop has made many people happy.
 way to the nile The way to the Nile.
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