Istanbul - Trieste

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UN Pendik a

Istanbul - Trieste


After convincing the sales director of UN-RORO shipping line I was able to go on board of UN-Pendik a 4 storey RORO vessel for semi-trailers heading for Europe.

 UN Pendik Andi Our Ural Ranger is boarding UN Pendik after a 2 days struggle with Turkish customs. But it was not the fault of the officers in Pendik - real nice guys and supporting officials.
 UN RORO UN RORO is covering Turkey - Trieste with 11 very fast and modern vessels on a daily basis. RORO services for full truck rigs and semi trailers.
 Yemek First feeding on board!!
 Cabin My spacious cabin!
 View from the bridge View from the bridge! Northbound to Trieste.
 Captain Gül Officer Gül is operating the vessel alone for 4 hours during her shift. One face of modern Turkey. A young woman in command of a huge vessel.
 Sonnenaufgang Sunrise over Croatia´s coast line.
 Pilot Entering the habour of Trieste which requires a pilot on board.
 Mouring I am sure the crew is not in need of the pilot to dock in Trieste - ;-)

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