Gramastetten - Istanbul

Veröffentlicht auf von Andreas Reisinger

6 Tage - 9 Länder - 2.550 km - 1 Ural Ranger

Trip 01 Starting in Gramastetten/Austria the trip will take us through Austria-Slowenia-Croatia-Bosnia-Montenegro-Albania-Macedonia-Greece-Turkey! Ylvi wished to come with us.
 Trip 02 Best restaurant in Sarajevo: the biggest steak on the menu for Daniel, the local veal dish for myself. Proper napkin provided by the waitress included.
 Trip 03 An excellent meal! This is what a man needs after a hard day on a a URAL.
 Trip 04 Bordercrossing: Bosnia-Montenegro
 Trip 05 Daniel´s new girlfriends on the right. A short break at a creek in Montenegro shows the beauties of nature - ;-)
 Trip 06 The house of one of the most popular Dentists in Shkodra/Albania.
 Trip 07 The Austrian International College in Shkodra - a potential duty station for Elisabeth.
 Trip 08 The Pearl of the Month August 2010. The rider wants to become a Hell´s Angel.
 Trip 09 This statue is to remember that Mother Theresa was Albanian.
 Trip 10 Enva Hocha`s bunkers still exist especially in border areas.
 Trip 11 No comment!
 Trip 12 Knowing that there won`t be pork in Turkey we ordered most of the dishes on the menu in a restaurant in Macedonia - the damage of this evening including drinks was around 16,- €.
 Trip 13 Bordercrossing: Greece-Macedonia
  Trip 15 In order to keep the scanner at the Turkish-Greek border busy the customs officers insisted on scanning the URAL - what a nonsense.
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