Another Mission - DRC Tunisia/Libya

Veröffentlicht auf von Andreas Reisinger

  Camping DRC in Shousha Camp after the incident when 80% of the facilities were destroyed.  
  Mattresses 01 After delivery inspection - conducted by Soraya - of a shipment of mattresses.
  Mattresses 02 Ylvi also conducted an inspection and found the supplies ready for delivery to Libyan refugees in the border area of Dehiba.
  4 star hotel In the lobby of Odyssee - another 4-star-hotel but the same beautiful woman.
  Alkshop Alcohol procurement in Houmet Souk - Doris caught red handed.
  Jedis Two Jedi Knights in Tataouine!
  Star Wars The Star Wars Bar in Matmata.
  Synagoge This synagoge on Djerba island is said to be 2.500 years old. High security is required in a dominantly Muslim country in order to protect the premises.
  Stallion Andi`s hidden agenda of this deployment - Mustang a Berber stallion. I ride him 2-3 times a week - for physical debriefing for me and the horse. Due to the crisis in Tunisia there are no tourists that move these horses. Most of the time I am the only one riding this beautiful animal in a period of a week.
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